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Zaporizhiabrasive participated in the discussion of "The Carbon Challenge" at the UNITECR 2023
Zaporizhzhia Abrasive Plant participated in the Conference on Reconstruction of Ukraine

Zaporizhzhia Abrasive Plant joined the powerful delegation of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine, which took part in the Conference on Reconstruction of Ukraine in Copenhagen, organized by Jyske Bank and the Confederation of Danish Industry Dansk Industri.

Representatives of more than 20 Ukrainian companies, including ZAK, traveled a long way to meet their Danish colleagues, visit factories, discuss possible ways of cooperation and financing of joint projects. The importance of the Conference on the Reconstruction of Ukraine is also indicated by the fact that it was attended by Danish and Ukrainian high-ranking officials, the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Denmark, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Industry, Business and Finance of Denmark, the Government Office for Attracting and Supporting Investments Ukraine Invest and 200 representatives of Danish companies seeking to work with Ukraine, Ukrainian business and invest in Ukraine, and on the last day of the Ukrainian delegation’s visit to the DI head office, the Confederation of Danish Industry was visited by the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

“The event became an excellent platform for establishing new contacts and finding a mutually beneficial partnership for the joint interaction of the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. More than 20 Ukrainian companies took part in networking with representatives of Danish companies. The main message that came from Ukrainian companies and the Ukrainian government was that despite the war, Ukraine is open for business. During every meeting with representatives of Danish business, we emphasized that cooperation with Danish colleagues, new contracts are saved jobs and taxes to the Ukrainian budget, it is from it that the Ukrainian army is financed, this is what brings our joint victory closer Don’t lose your chance to become a part of the great success story of reconstruction and development of Ukraine,” said Head of the marketing and communications department of Zaporizhabrazive Sofia Musich, who represented the company at the Conference.

As part of the visit, there was a meeting with a representative of a potential partner of ZAK – the company HASLE Refractories, which produces and supplies unique refractory materials for high-temperature production.

“During the meeting with the procurement manager Kim Andersen, we discussed the timing of laboratory testing of the silicon carbide samples we sent. Due to the high workload of their laboratory and the limited number of employees, the estimated deadline for the completion of testing is April. The meeting also discussed the issue of the security situation in Ukraine due to the war and delivery times. We assured our potential partners that despite the difficult security conditions, the plant is operating, expanding production and meeting all contractual obligations. Our logistics routes are properly set up, which allows us to ensure delivery of our products to European customers within 7-10 days. “We expressed our interest in working in the Scandinavian market and our ability to meet quality standards. In addition, we agreed to continue communication and await the results of testing our samples,” said Sofia Musich.

According to her, as part of the FRU delegation’s visit to Denmark, we also had very productive meetings with DI Defense companies, which unites more than 100 manufacturers working in the field of defense and security. In particular, they visited two powerful world-renowned companies from among them – manufacturers of air, ground and sea-based radar systems, protection systems, Terma and Weibel Scientific.

Zaporizhzhia Abrasive Plant is among those Ukrainian companies that have preserved their competences, people and place in the markets, among those who by their own example today show that it is possible to invest in Ukraine right now, among those companies that are ready to be reliable partners and part of production chains. So we continue to work together with our friends and partners from different countries so that our business has more concrete opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Zaporizhzhia Abrasive Plant active participation in FEMS EUROMAT 2023

Two productive days at the biggest scientific conference in Europe have reaffirmed our commitment to supporting scientific activities and staying at the forefront of technology in our industry.

FEMS EUROMAT 2023, the premier international congress for the latest advancements in materials science and technology, brought together leading experts, researchers, and innovators with academic and industrial backgrounds from all corners of the globe. It was an incredible opportunity to engage in discussions, share cutting-edge research, and network with industry leaders.

We are proud to be part of such a dynamic and forward-thinking community. Thank you to all the organizers, participants, and attendees for making this event a resounding success.

Zaporizhzhia Abrasive Plant became the Company of the Year in Ukraine

For the first time, Zaporizhzhia Abrasive Plant became the Company of the Year in Ukraine for its significant contribution to the region’s development.

We are proud to have been able to increase our sales share in the global market and open new countries for our products. We continue to increase production volumes, create new jobs, and pay taxes in Ukraine.

“Even in the most difficult times for the country, during the large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, we continue to develop. We are proud to have been able to increase our sales share in the global market and open new countries for our products. We continue to increase the volume of production, create new jobs and pay taxes to the budget of Ukraine,” said the head of the company’s Supervisory Board Maksym Bielawski.

According to him, one of the plant’s key initiatives is expanding its presence on the European Union market.

We are sure that the quality of our products and high standards of business ethics will be significant advantages in relations with European partners.

Happy Independence Day of Ukraine!

Dear colleagues and partners!

Today Ukrainians accept congratulations on Independence Day! For the second year Ukraine celebrates this day in the conditions of a great war with russia. This period was stressful, but at the same time very productive for our company. We did not stop our work and have made significant progress in expanding our presence in new markets. Gradually, we are becoming more open and accessible to our partners, who are now counting on an increase in sales volumes and product range. In general, I am convinced that the quality of our products and high standards of business ethics will be significant advantages in relations with partners from the global market.

Let me share a few areas of our future development. First, we created a new website for the plant, which will be operational from the first of September. Secondly, for the first time, we took direct part in the meetings of our industry associations, FEPA and SICMA. Thirdly, for the first time in several years, we will be represented with our stand at the industry exhibition in Turkey and Slovakia. We also plan meetings with existing and potential customers in the EU and Canada. We also actively work in digital marketing, using social networks.

We also plan to expand our market opportunities by creating sales offices in promising destinations: Italy, Germany, and Turkey.

Developing environmental safety and increasing the added value of our products remains one of our main goals. No less priority is given to the restoration of the production of boron carbide and green silicon carbide, as well as the start of the output of white electrocorundum.

Addressing every team employee on the Independence Day of Ukraine, I have a big request: keep the faith. Let your faith in your strength, in the bright future, and prospects of our plant be our additional advantage. Together we can do incredible things. Let our company continue to develop and contribute to the prosperity of Ukraine.

Happy Independence Day of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Maksym Bielawski
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Five reasons to consider buying Black Silicon Carbide in Zaporizhabrasive

  • High product quality: Black Silicon Carbide produced in Ukraine adheres to international quality standards. Ukrainian manufacturers utilize modern technologies, ensuring the material’s high quality

  • Competitive prices: Ukraine is competitive in the global market, including the prices of Black Silicon Carbide. Foreign companies purchasing the material from Ukraine can take advantage of affordable prices and reduce their material costs.
  • Flexibility and individual approach: Ukrainian Black Silicon Carbide manufacturers are willing to work with foreign companies, providing flexibility in selecting technical specifications and product requirements. This allows foreign companies to obtain an optimal product that meets their unique needs.
  • Developed logistics infrastructure: Ukraine has a well-developed logistics infrastructure, facilitating convenient transportation of goods to international buyers. Its proximity to Europe enables efficient delivery of Black Silicon Carbide to any part of the world.
  • Technical support and service: Ukrainian Black Silicon Carbide manufacturers offer technical support and after-sales services to foreign clients. This includes consultations, technical recommendations, and providing necessary documentation.

By choosing Black Silicon Carbide from Zaporizhzhia Abrasive Plant PJSC, you can be confident in stable quality and reliable performance. Our company is the sole manufacturer of abrasive materials in Ukraine and has a strong reputation as a supplier of abrasives that meet rigorous industrial standards, delivering optimal results for our clients. We also strive to maintain competitive prices while upholding high product quality.

Zaporizhzhia Abrasive Plant PJSC - 1 million cutting wheels every month!

And this is not all the news. In the next 1.5 months, we plan to increase our production by an incredible 50%!

This means that we will be able to meet even more needs of our customers and partners.

Why should you choose our products? The answer is simple – quality and sustainability. Our wheels go through the most rigorous testing and quality control to ensure they meet your needs and exceed your expectations.